Compliance and Risk-Related Services

Warburton Attorneys Inc undertakes Environmental and Health and Safety Legal Compliance Evaluations (or “Audits”) which may be used to assist in complying with the requirements of ISO 14 001 and/or OHSAS 18 001, for internal legal compliance benchmarking purposes or for specific issue or risk-based assessments.

These audits may be coupled with subsequent assistance and advice to address and resolve areas of non-compliance or other concerns in order for an operation to move towards sustainable compliance and to reduce the risks facing a company, its directors and its employees.

To this end, an audit report identifies key risk areas in order for an operation to prioritise its actions so as to achieve and maintain compliance.

We have developed a new electronic audit audit program that has made our environmental legal compliance audits faster, more user-friendly and significantly more cost effective. The electronic audit program enables clients to easily identify possible non-compliances with applicable environmental legislation and ascertain the most appropriate corrective measures to implement.

Key features of this program to be utilised by our lawyers when conducting audits:

  • Initial audit checklist results in irrelevant legal requirements being automatically excluded
  • Multiple user capabilities
  • Can be loaded to hand held devices
  • Audit report is automatically generated
  • Audit report includes photographs from site inspections
  • Executive summary and pie chart shows the current state of compliance
  • Auditee can record corrective actions and assign responsible personnel