Warburton Logo and Name

Our Vision

Creating value by delivering excellence in sustainability law.

Environmental legal compliance is key in determining the risks facing industrial and mining operations and projects. An informed understanding of these compliance obligations, including the risks that face a company, its directors and its employees, is essential so as to develop and implement a comprehensive and strategic response to such risks.

Our Approach

Warburton Attorneys Inc is well placed to provide a full range of legal services and advice on sustainability-related legal issues to clients, whether for purposes of general compliance, a risk assessment, for a new development or project, for a specific commercial transaction or as a consequence of pending or current litigation.

We aim to proactively assist our clients so as to achieve and maintain legal compliance and ensure that significant legal risks are avoided altogether where possible. To the extent that this is not possible, Warburton Attorneys Inc also provides specialist environmental advice as well as litigation services.

In order to provide a practical and valuable contribution to our clients’ operations, Warburton Attorneys Inc presents its advice in a user-friendly and accessible fashion. We further usually visit our clients’ operations so as to obtain a thorough understanding of the issues involved.

Warburton LogoOur logo is an aerial view of a cross section through a baobab tree. It represents both nature and development as a cog and reflects on the complex interaction between these two from a sustainability perspective. The logo also links with the logo of IMBEWU Sustainability Legal Services (Pty) Ltd (www.imbewu.co.za), a sustainability legal consultancy, with whom Warburton Attorneys Inc collaborates.